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All about us

Meet the Parents

Dane & Barbara Quittner

All about the outdoors. That sums us up in a heartbeat. We launched Geared4Utah from the basic need to get outside. We love adventuring, and as we started outfitting our family we realized that great equipment was out there but it came with a high price tag. We have always wanted our children to have the things that make fun - fun. And what better way to enjoy the toys than to share the benefit with others. We have spent years finding out what works and what doesn’t. How to pack it up and pack in in. 

All About Us

Meet The Family

Get to know the family that plays together. We encourage learning to drive off road at an early age to prepare our young drivers for the road at age 16. If they can handle the stress of crawling through “Car Wash” or climbing “Hell’s Gate” they will make it on the road. Always Training, Dane will be more than happy to show your the right line or walk you up some “bucket List” obstacles. We love our time on the trail and if you ever get the chance join us, please do! Without the support of all our family and friends we would never have the fun or adventures that make us who we are. 

Dane (El Senior)

Dane Has been doing the Jeep thing for over 41 years. Skilled and ready to help with planning and outfitting. Always willing to teach those who are ready to learn, and always ready for an adventure.

Ryan (Junior)

Having Graduated from Utah Military Academy this year, Ryan is currently serving with the US Army Reserves. He will be out of training April ‘24 and we look forward to spending some time with him again. We are so proud of his service but miss him a bunch.

Auntie BBQ

The better half of the parents, Barbara brings out the best in all of us. It is her drive and dedication that allows us to have so many cool things. And the fact she let’s us share, is even better!


Chloe Jane

The artist of the bunch and the last word on following the rules….she is looking to paint her own JKUR this year. For now Chloe has a dedicated driver in the seat of her JKUR for all of our adventures.


Dads Ride

2021 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

Finally replaced the OG JKUR with this beauty that we could not pass up. While not built up from the ground up like our Silver Gladiator, when we got this home it was immediatly under the knife for som much needed adjustments. We upgraded to Synergy steering components, added a sector shaft support, Control arm drop brackest to correct the caster on the front end and soften the bumps along the way, reworked the steering geometry to account for the 6” lift. 5.38 gearing rolling on 40” (don’t spot me 40s) Patagonia MTs. The Falcon 3.0 Shocks on each corner are up for further evaluation.

While keeping with the tradition of always having cold sodas in the fridge we flush mounted a couple of ridgid solar panels in the mid height rack along with a 200 ahr battery for power. As time permits we will be adding the air compressor, air bags, fridge slide, and everything else floating around.

All about us

Our Family Rides

See what drives us in these adventures.

Chloe Jane’s OG JKUR

2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 

The longest kept Jeep in the family we purchased this one new off the lot in ‘08. Recently Passed down to Chloe, first thing on her list is to paint it Desert Tan.

Without any modification this was truly the most capable Jeep I had ever built. Then we started building it.

We kept a mild lift on the JK while shoving 37” tire under the original XRC corner guards. Running a factory 44 up front with a G2 44 rear. The factory lockers have been flawless while turning the 5.38 gears in the pumpkins.

With many trips and upgrades along the way this one ”just works” so we spend the time on the kids builds and keep them going.

Ryan’s Ride

1999 Jeep Cherokee 

While spending so much time off road Ryan id outfitting his XJ for some truly comfortable adventures.

Follow his build process as it unfolds…more to come.

Our adventures so far


Take a look at some of the adventure we do as a family.
Robber’s Roost

Poison Springs Canyon

What a trip! With record setting snowfall this year who would have thought we would have snow in the desert in March?  It made for some of the best photos and smoothest trails ever.

Robber’s Roost


We don’t alway play in the dirt. We took a break for some hotel living and wishing for some sunshine.

Robber’s Roost

Cathedral Valley

Sometimes you just get lucky. We had unbelievable weather the day we explored Cathedral Valley. From slushing mud to breathtaking views of the temple of the Sun and Moon. Alway a favorite.