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Our Equipment

Roof Top Tents (RTT)

Roof Top Tents are the best way to get introduced to overlanding, and in general just a better way to camp compared to a ground tent.we have several models to choose from all have their pros and cons. Ultimately we want you to use. The one that suits your needs. If you don’t know which style is right for you, we’d be glad to talk you through all the benefits and help make the right choice.

Our Equipment

Ultralight Trailers

These trailers are designed to have all the fun of base camping without having to pull a ton of weight. With purpose built trailers designed for whatever you may drive. Starting at only  750lbs these are designed for the latest mid size SUV or crossover. They range from ultra minimal to fully self contained.

Our Equipment

Off-Road Trailers

these trailers were designed and built for the ultimate back country base camping! Once again we have selections to fit every need and purpose. From our Ultralight off road trailer to our fully appointed Scout models, these trailers allow you to set up camp and still adventure without having to break camp. And if you are doing the nightly camp setup they allow you to carry more gear and be comfortable while camping.

Our Equipment

Expedition Vehicles

For a truly exceptional experience consider our Expedition Vehicles. We have crafted the perfect vacation experience, whether you want to tour the National Parks or see some of the best backcountry spots in Utah.

We build your package with you, we set it all up and even pick you up at the airport. Our adventure planning is here to help make the most out of your vacation time. We assemble the gear you need and can even help plan the trails and routes. Give us a call and see why we have had many clients com back again and again.