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Our adventures, so far…


Take a look at some of the adventure we do as a family.
Robber’s Roost

Poison Springs Canyon

What a trip! With record setting snowfall this year who would have thought we would have snow in the desert in March?  It made for some of the best photos and smoothest trails ever.

Las Vegas


We don’t alway play in the dirt. We took a break for some hotel living and wishing for some sunshine.

Temple of the Sun

Cathedral Valley

Sometimes you just get lucky. We had unbelievable weather the day we explored Cathedral Valley. From slushing mud to breathtaking views of the temple of the Sun and Moon. Always a favorite.

Top of the World

Top of the World / Onion Creek

Partnered up with our buddy Doug from Outback Adventures to see the Top of the World (and get our badge of Honor). Looking below at Onion Creek we decided we have to see it up close.